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 Each And Every Baby From Purrrrfect Persians And Napoleon Munchkins Is Hand Raised In A Loving Home Atmosphere. NEVER ANY CAGED UP Babies... Babies Are Very, Very Social And Have Awesome Loving Temperments.
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Bloodline Is Free From PKD And Feline Aids.
Kittens Prices Are 750 And Up
Kittens Are Negative For Parasites.
Kittens Are Examined Free Of External Parasites Including Fleas, Ticks, And Ear Mites.
Kittens Receive An Overall Check-Up Including Heart, Ears, And Eyes.
Kittens Receive Age Appropriate Vaccinations.
Kittens Receive Deworming Medication.
My Kittens Come With A Written Health Guarantee Against Serious Genetic Health Issues.
This Guarantee Is Also Part Of An Agreement Requiring You To Provide Your Kitten With Quality Care And Quality Food .
We Suggest Keeping A Record Of All Vaccinations As Part Of Your Persian Kittens Health Information.

About Our Kitties- Health Guarantee


All Kittens Will Have Health Certifications, Shots And Deworming. Copy of kitty regiment and vet workup is provided.
Rare Black, Creme Point And Flame Points, Seal Point, Blue Point, Calico, Tortoise Point, Smoked,
Bi-Color, Dilutes, Lynx Point And Tabby's ,Seal Torties.
Average 8 Litters Per Year. Deposit And Payment Plans And Financing Is Available .
Payment Plans Are Between Kittens Age Birth To 8 Weeks Only. (Pick Up Date).

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Yes, we have been breeding  our cuddle bugs for almost 11 years, and earned an amazing reputation for healthy, happy, well socialized kittens, which are basically LAP CATS!
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